"Audrey Sheppard is one of the best connected and professional consultants that I have ever worked with.  Her rich experience inside of the beltway makes her uniquely qualified to access individuals within Washington that can become strong contacts who can influence decisions throughout the country." -Scott Dodson, President, CEO and board member for AirXpanders

"The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals represents 14,000 sexual and reproductive health care providers. Our members serve on the front lines of health care. We count on Audrey Sheppard to keep us informed about pressing national and regional policy issues, and connected with the companies and organizations associated with safe, effective new technologies in women’s health." -Wayne C. Shields, President and CEO of The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

“As a women’s healthcare company, keeping up to date on the latest policies affecting reproductive access is critical to Agile.  Audrey Sheppard has the contacts and ability to build a coalition, and has been instrumental in helping us build relationships with key advocates for reproductive health” --Katie MacFarlane, Senior Vice President for Commercial Development at Napo Pharmaceuticals, formerly Chief Commercial Officer for Agile Therapeutics  

"I cannot recommend Audrey highly enough.  She and my organization, the Society for Women's Health Research, have worked together for over 20 years on numerous women's health issues and conditions.  She is knowledgeable, proficient, and an expert on women's health issues."  --Phyllis Greenberger, former President and CEO for Society for Women's Health Research

"I have known Audrey Sheppard for many years and have worked with her on various women’s health issues.  Audrey is professional, courteous, detailed, knowledgeable and is delightful to work with."  --Gay Johnson, CEO for The National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (NPWH)