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Audrey attends 2/26/20 closing bell ringing at NASDAQ for Agile Therapeutics, which recently won FDA approval for its contraceptive patch. The Sheppard firm was instrumental in working with women’s organizations to make them aware of this safe, lower-dose birth control option.


Agile Therapeutics (Oct 30, 2019)  Agile Therapeutics Announces Favorable Outcome of FDA Advisory Committee Meeting for its Investigational Transdermal Contraceptive Patch, Twirla®

Fortune (Sept 4, 2019)  The Company Behind ‘Female Viagra’ Just Raised $20 Million in Funding

PR Newswire (Sept 4, 2019)  FDA Removes Alcohol Ban with Addyi - the First-and-Only Non-Hormonal Treatment for Hypoactive (Low) Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD)

Agile Therapeutics (June 24, 2019) Agile Therapeutics Announces FDA Advisory Committee Meeting for its Investigational Transdermal Low-Dose Contraceptive Patch, Twirla® (AG200-15)

Agile Therapeutics (May 22, 2019)  Agile Therapeutics Announces FDA Acceptance of the NDA Resubmission of Twirla® 

Sprout Pharmaceuticals (April 12, 2019)  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Determines that Women Taking Addyi May Safely Consume Alcohol

CHANGE Center for Health and Gender Equity (April 8, 2019)  Human Rights Advocates Welcomed  

New York Times (April 9, 2019) You’re Covered in Fungi. How Does That Affect Your Health?

New York Times (April 9, 2019) Most Osteoporosis Drugs Don’t Build Bone. This One Does.

Sprout Pharmaceuticals (March 21, 2019) Sprout Pharmaceuticals Presents Important New Addyi Safety and Tolerability Data through Three Alcohol Interaction Studies in Which There Was No Syncope or Orthostatic Hypotension Requiring Medical Attention and No Increase in Adverse Events of Special Interest

CHANGE, Center for Health and Gender Equity (Feb 25, 2019)  How the global gag rule undermines Ivanka Trump’s plan to empower women

Health Data Management (January 30, 2019)  FDA plans to fully tap real-world data and evidence

Stat News (January 7, 2019) All seven of the FDA’s recent commissioners agree it should be independent — but not on how to accomplish it

Agile THerapeutics (January 10, 2019) Agile Therapeutics, Inc. Provides Regulatory Update and Reiterates Cash Guidance



Forbes (November 1, 2018)  Hims Launches Hers, A Direct-To-Consumer Site Selling Birth Control And Other Drugs (Female Sexual Dysfunction Disorder)

BMS.COM (August 22, 2018) Five Facts About Real-World Data

Global News Wire (October 9, 2018) Agile Therapeutics, Inc. Completes Formal Dispute Resolution Process with the FDA

Stat News (September 6, 2018) With big-name backing, a startup launches to match cancer patients with clinical trials

Stat News (August 16, 2018) A women’s health startup tried to drum up interest for a much-needed drug. Many men didn’t get it

The Atlantic (Aug. 10, 2018)  The Doctor Doesn’t Listen to Her. But the Media Is Starting To.

SP Global (June 28, 2018) Women's health 'wide open' for drugmakers as would-be blockbusters near launch

The Washington Post (June 15, 2018) Five myths about Alzheimer’s disease

Forbes (June 18, 2018)  Female Sex Drive Booster Addyi Is Back, But Will Second Time Around Be Different?

Napo Pharmaceuticals (March 2, 2018) Jaguar Health Subsidiary, Napo Pharmaceuticals, Signs Agreement with Pharmacy Services Provider "Transition Patient Services" to Establish Nationwide Pilot "Mytesi Direct" Program

via Facebook (June 2018) BNR Educational Series - Lupus Clinical Trial Enrollment Project


Agile Therapeutics (December 22, 2017)  Agile Therapeutics, Inc. Receives a Complete Response Letter from the FDA for Twirla® (AG200-15) for the Prevention of Pregnancy

Sprout Pharmaceuticals (November 7, 2017)  Valeant Is Paying to Get Rid of Its $1 Billion 'Female Viagra' Acquisition

Sprout Pharmaceuticals (November 9, 2017) The Medical Research Gap That’s Leaving Women’s Health Startups Behind

Symbiomix/Lupin (November 9, 2017)  Roshini Raj, MD and Shan Boody Collaborate to Empower Women to Take Control of Their Gynecologic Health

AirXpanders (October 16, 2017)  Jamaica Hospital performs groundbreaking surgery

Symbiomix Therapeutics (October 11, 2017) Symbiomix Therapeutics:  Lupin Acquires Symbiomix Therapeutics LLC

Symbiomix Therapeutics (October 11, 2017)  India’s Lupin bags Symbiomix and its newly approved antibiotic for $150M-plus 


Antidote (September 6, 2017)  Merck just plowed millions into this start-up to help get drugs to market faster

Symbiomix Therapeutics (August 10,2017) Symbiomix Therapeutics Presents New Data on Solosec™

Agile Therapeutics  (July/August 2017)  Al Altomari, CEO of Agile Therapeutics receives PharmaVoice 100 honor 

AirXpanders (August 3, 2017)  What Happens During Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Agile Therapeutics (July 28, 2017)   Agile Therapeutics Reports Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results

Agile Therapeutics (July 27, 2017)   Agile Therapeutics Announces FDA Acceptance of the NDA Resubmission of Twirla®

 Symbiomix Therapeutics (July 17, 2017) Symbiomix Therapeutics Announces Publication of Pivotal Data for Investigational Solosec™ for the Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis

Agile Therapeutics (June 27, 2017): Agile Therapeutics Resubmits New Drug Application (NDA) for its Transdermal Contraceptive Patch, Twirla®

Innovateli.com (June 12, 2017): For Breast Cancer Survivors, 10 CC's Of Love

AirXpanders.com (June 9, 2017): AirXpanders Announces AeroForm Now Available in More than 100 Medical Institutions and Health Systems in the U.S.

Newsday.com (June 7, 2017):  New device could spare breast cancer patients from painful shots

Forbes.com (May 24, 2017): Breast Reconstruction Medical Device Goes To Australia For Clinical Trials And ASX IPO  

AgileTherapeutics.com (May 6, 2017): Agile Therapeutics Reports Additional Phase 3 SECURE Study Results Relating to Twirla® at ACOG 2017

AgileTherapeutics.com (April 11, 2017):  Agile Therapeutics Announces Results of its Pre-Submission Meeting with FDA

EurekAlert.org (April 24, 2017): Nurse practitioners are not regularly assessing brain health and need standardized assessment tools to regularly conduct critical brain health assessments

Symbiomix.com (March 23, 2017): Symbiomix Therapeutics Announces FDA’s Acceptance of New Drug Application for Solosec™ with Priority Review Status

TheDoctorsTV.com (Mar. 9, 2017):  DIY Breast Reconstruction with Remote-Controlled Chest Expander

BusinessWire (Mar. 6, 2017):  Experts See Gaps in Care for Women with Bacterial Vaginosis

Reuters- (Feb. 14, 2017):  Hologic to buy Cynosure to expand into medical aesthetics

FoxNews.com (Feb. 8, 2017):  New technology changes breast cancer treatment

Allure (Jan. 23, 2017):  Do Vagina Products and Procedures Exploit Insecurities?

NBCBacyArea.com (Jan. 18, 2017):  New Device Can Be Life-Changing For Breast Cancer Patients

SheKnows.com (Jan. 10, 2017):  5 advances in women’s health technology we’re excited about5 advances in women’s health technology we’re excited about

MedGadget.com (Jan. 10, 2017):  AeroForm Tissue Expander System for Breast Reconstruction Cleared by FDA

MassDevice.com (Jan. 5,2017): AirXpander’s AeroForm tissue expander transforms decades-old procedure

Shareholder.com- (Jan. 3, 2017): Agile Therapeutics Announces Positive Top-line Phase 3 Results




Multivu- (Dec. 22, 2016): AirXpanders Receives FDA de novo Clearance for AeroForm Tissue Expander System 

Cynosure- (Dec. 5, 2016): Cynosure Recognized Among Deloitte's 2016 Technology Fast 500

Allure (Nov. 27, 2016):  The Anti-Aging Treatments Pain Scale You Need to Know About

Cynosure- (Sept. 30, 2016): Cynosure Recognized as One of FORTUNE's 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

PR Newswire- (Nov. 28, 2016)- Pivotal Trial Data for AirXpanders® AeroForm® Tissue Expander System for Breast Reconstruction Published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®

The Spokesman-Review (Nov. 21, 2016)- DIY breast reconstruction: Device lets women do part at home

Vancouver Sun (Oct. 30, 2016)- Vaginal rejuvenation: Reality check on the latest baby boomer health trendhologic

Cancer Support Community and AirXpanders (October 25, 2016)- "Breast Reconstruction: What You Should Know" a radio program from Cancer Support Community and AirXpanders

ROCA Test (September 13, 2016)- Abcodia Statement on the ROCA Test for Ovarian Cancer Screening

Agile Therapeutics (July 12, 2016)- Agile Therapeutics Announces Plans to Advance Contraceptive Pipeline

Society For Women's Health Research (May 17, 2016)- AirXpanders co-hosts Congressional briefing on the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act

UsAgainstAlzheimer's (May 13, 2016)- During Convening, WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s Launches Its Bold We Won’t Wait Campaign To Highlight The Economic Injustice Of The Disease On Women

The Washington Post (April 12, 2016)- Obama calls new women’s rights memorial ‘a centerpiece for the struggle for equality’

The New York Times (April 12, 2016)- Sewall-Belmont House, a Center of the Women’s Equality Movement, Becomes a National Monument

Forbes (January 1, 2016)- Eight Milestones of 2015 In The War On Cancer




The Lancet via Abcodia (December 17, 2015)- Abcodia's ROCA Test used in UKCTOCS trial; data shows ovarian cancer screening could reduce mortality by 20%

AirXpanders (October 20, 2015)- AirXpanders presents Successful XPAND Pivotal Trial Data at World's Largest Gathering of Plastic Surgeons

Globe Newswire (October 19, 2015)- Agile Therapeutics Announces Completion of Patient Enrollment in Twirla(R) Phase 3 SECURE Clinical Trial

New York Times (August 18, 2015)-  FDA Approval for Addyi

Washington Post (August 19, 2015)-  Q&A: What you need to know about new female libido pill

Washington Post (August 18, 2015)-  Flibanserin Gets Push For FDA Approval

New York Times (June 13, 2015)- Aid to Women, or Bottom Line?  Advocates Split on Libido Pill

Bizwomen (June 9, 2015)-  Want a 'little pink pill' for women? It takes a movement

New York Times (May 31, 2015)-  Groups Press FDA to Approve Women's Viagra

The News and Observer (August 14, 2015)- Raleigh's Sprout Pharmaceuticals awaits FDA ruling on female libido drug



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